How to secure your WordPress website, how VertiDesk can help?

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Secure your website from most of the hackers.

Although WordPress core application software is very secure and it gets audited regularly by several developers, but over the time of heavy development or using various plugins, themes or custom integration which are outdated may sometimes make WordPress completely vulnerable to hackers/attackers.

Not only the WordPress websites, but other websites on any CMS or even static website built simply in HTML can be hacked easily. Hence, it is important to check the security from the back-end server to your web pages.

We all know what a hacker can do once he hacks your website. He can steal any information like stored passwords, email ids, credit/debit card info or can make changes in your website or even can put down your whole server.

What can you do for WordPress Website Security?

There are various recommended methods especially for WordPress websites, sometimes we ignore sometimes we adopt few. The more you secure your website less will be chances of hackers getting into your website.

What should you understand?

How to secure your WordPress websiteKeep your WordPress software, plugins, themes updated: Updating will help remove vulnerability to attacks. If you Plugins or Themes are not updated or not getting updates at all, consider replacing them.

Removed unused Plugins, Themes: If you are not using any plugin and is already deactivated, delete them, same for the themes, even the default themes which you are not using, delete /remove them.

Disable Comments in WordPress: If you are using WordPress as a website and not using post comments at all or very less and do not want comments, better to disable comments and turn registrations off as well.

Use Plugins and Themes from trusted sources, also check for their update interval, reviews to identify the quality of plugins and themes.

File and Folder Permissions: Do not assign 777 Write permission to files or folders, unless a must required by trusted plugin or theme.

Default User Names: Consider not using Admin, Administrator or Webmaster as username, try different names, the hacker’s first attempt will be always with user Admin, Administrator. Use your own name or random name so hackers won’t guess it.

Strong Passwords: Always use Strong password, never use names or related to website names, abc123, admin123 etc. are easy to guess and crack. Use Random password more than 8 characters, a combination of Upper and Lower case letter along with Numbers and special characters eg. AA14&tg{u)2-jZ. Using such password above 8 characters or 16 will take too long to crack.

Encrypt Important information: Do not store passwords as it is, it should be stored encrypted (like MD5 encryption) in Databases.

Two-Step authentication: If possible use two-step authentication, grant access with SMS OTP or email OTP (One Time Password) along with the regular password.

Use firewall and antivirus in your computer: This will not only help in keeping your PC safe keeping malware or code injector away, who can inject unwanted codes when you upload content to your website.

Limit logins to prevent Brute force: Brute Force is the most used method to attempt login, hacker try repeatedly several passwords sometimes hundreds or thousands in a minute, Preventing Limited failed login attempt and blocking the offenders will keep your WordPress website safe from the first of the hacking attack attempts.

Security Scan: Regularly scan your website, web server for any vulnerability or malicious codes which may get injected by the hacker or uploaded while uploading your website.

Backup ALWAYS: Always keep a backup copy of your work, Code, Database etc. If in any case your website got hacked or you lost data, the backup will help restore date to the date it was taken.

Disallow default file editor: In WordPress admin, there is an option within to edit Theme code files, if not is use and for security, you can disable the default editor.

Disable PHP Error Reporting: You must also disable Error reports which may display when your web page has errors in it. This way hacker may utilize the error in his favour to hack in.

How can you do?

There are various methods, by which you can secure your WordPress website, a developer can do required changes in code or you can simply use some of the good plugins available to achieve the same for eg.: Jetpack, Limit Login, Akismet, iTheme Security, Sucuri etc. You need to have the understanding of the usage of these plugins and their features and functions, sometimes one plugin may conflict with your custom theme or other similar plugins, or sometimes you need to modify server settings to achieve better security for your WordPress websites.

How can we at VertiDesk help?

As a web service provider, we at VertiDesk do take care of the basic security of your WordPress websites, we deliver Elegantly designed mobile friendly responsive website along with security setup using trusted resources and /or plugins. We use Tried and Tested yet Trusted Premium WordPress themes or Develop one as per requirements, our themes are secured and fast. We also recommend clients to get SSL certificates and backup.

With every website built by us, we take care of website hosting on our secure servers and we also use some of the best premium plugins and premium theme for achieving better security for your website.


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