Most Common Website Designing Mistakes to Avoid and How VertiDesk Can Help

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Today, sometimes it is so easy to build a website and launch within few hours. But sometimes it takes a week or a month to get online with the perfect website. Website Design Industry has grown a vast and continuously growing at a rapid pace with a lot of opportunities and options still available for website designers.

Most of the website designers sometimes forgot that website is to be built for the users. Fortunately, you need not be a highly experienced designer to build a nice website, but one must avoid some Most Common Website Designing Mistakes.

Most Common Website Designing Mistakes

Avoid these common mistakes in your website designing, you will see the difference in functionality and increase in visitors to your website.


What makes a website a ‘Good Website’

A Design may not have any limits, you can keep creating so many designs still. There isn’t any universal standard for a Good Website Designing, but it is how you build it. The tools or techniques used said to be the “Best Practices” used for building a great website.

vertidesk website designingA Good Website Design must improve on: 

  • Usability
  • Neat and Clean
  • Readability
  • Highlight Call to Action
  • Quality Content
  • Interlinking
  • Mobile friendly
  • Security


The first question, who is going to use the website? simply the visitors, the end user. Who will buy your products or the services you offer. You don’t need a website for yourself but for visitors who will become your customers. A Good website design should focus on the usability first.
If it is a product selling website then you need a cart system, payment gateway, user accounts, reports etc.
If it is an informational corporate website then obviously you don’t need cart or payment gateway, you need user data, visitors who contact you for your business.
if it is a personal blogging website that all together you need is a content rich look.

So you need to be clear on the usability and give your visitors features or functionality they need with enhanced user experience (easy to use).

Neat and Clean

Do not afraid of white or blank space, Always give enough breathing space between each section of the web page. Do not mix the content, do not make the page look cluttered. Most of the website designers forgot that and try to put as much content on one page. This will end up in the cluttered website and hard to read content, you user may get confuse.

Avoid too many flashy content or images, always keep website Near and Clean.


Sometimes website designers or owners ask designers to put long Too long titles and repeat it in several instances. For a book publisher it may be fine, but for a website, it may be not the case.

Your readers seeing the same content, again and again, may not read it if there is something important. Always give Title and Subtitles to differentiate the parts of the page. Keep your content categorized, even properly categorize your blog post and keep them separate with pages.

Highlight Call to Action

For what purpose you need a website or a page? you must be clear and do not confuse your visitors, what to do?
Placing right Call to Action will help your website visitors to read it clear. If you are selling a product, your call to action may be “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart”. If you wish your visitors to contact you for the product of service you are offering, you call to action may be “Contact us” or “Call 9xxxxxxxxxx).

This will always give your visitors a reason to take an action you prefer your visitors to take from that page.

Quality Content

Always said “Content is King” always write content that matters most to your visitors, keep it generic from the user point of view and not your’s alone. Write unique content and never copy from other or competitor websites. It will lower your Search Engine Score and you will not rank high for that.

Use minimal H1 tags to justify your page, H2 tag for your subtitles. Using 1-2 H1 tags for the main title are fine at the top and just before the end of the page. Tag one or two different title is also fine, this way search engines will know about your primary keywords of that page.

Unique and to the point content will help search engines to discover your business and rank you higher in search results.


Website structuring and interlinking each page is most important, which many designers may forget sometimes. Badly placed navigation or located in odd place may result in visitor frustration and high Bounce rate.

The navigation menu should be easily accessible and should have enough space in between for clicks, especially on handheld devices like smartphones.
If you place 2 different linked text close, the user may not be able to click the right link he wants to click. Placing them with proper distance or using a block to differentiate both links will help. It also increases the usability and user friendliness.

Mobile friendly

With the increase in technology usage, smartphones are most commonly used for accessing websites. A website designer should see that a website must be mobile friendly (Responsive), not only for mobiles but for tabs, and other devices of different screen sizes.

Mobile friendly website tends to gain more visitors than desktop websites. Users will go away from a mobile device if it is not fit for their device. A mobile friendly “responsive” website is a key to Good Website Designing. Nowadays search engines also check if a website is mobile friendly or not if it is then you will rank high in search results from devices as well.


Once you get a website if it important to secure website from hackers or spammers. A website designer must focus on building a website which is secure and make sure to further secure it.

There are various ways to secure a website, some of them are:

  • Get SSL Certificates
  • Malware Scanner
  • Secure Code
  • Auto Backup
  • Keep your code/script and database updated

How can VertiDesk help Building a Good Website for you?

We at VertiDesk is a growing website design company – we focus on the technology and keep pace with it.We use industries latest tools and techniques, and continuously learn the trends.

We use industries latest tools and techniques and continuously research and improve the usability. We use WordPress as a backend engine to power up websites and designs which flaunt the visitors. We do not just create a website, but a website with focused on your niche and usability your visitors need. We provide turnkey solution to custom built solution for your web design needs.

With vast experience in the website design industry, we give our best to our clients. We do not cover up but explore and exploit the website design mistakes and improve on them.


E-Commerce website development

Create e-commerce websites powered by WordPress or Magento, enables you to sell your products or services online. Your business will stay 24×7 active from websites. Your customers can order at any time, you can manage inventory and sales online on the go.



WordPress website development

We design and develoop WordPress powered websites, which help you manage your website easily. Add / Edit / Remove pages, image, content at any time. We design beautiful layouts or can use existing layout or ready to use themes to make a perfect website for you.



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