Previously we have discussed about Generate Revenue from your website.

There are various ways of generating revenue, here we will discuss generating revenue from Games Website, i.e. how you can earn from Gaming Website. Whether you have own games or you are just publishing and sharing other authors games.

As previously shared, Good Web Project Planning drives website, it matters a lot and makes a website successful.

So you should know where you want to take your website project.
Website Name, Colors, Layout, Games Selection, management, user features and all..!

For setting up things you need: your games tie DomainName, Web Hosting space to host game script and games

Once you have done planning and research, implement your project, make sure your games website is user friendly and informative.

But note games you copy or download are not copyright and distribution license should be there, or permission from games author / creator. Try playing game before you post so that you should know what that game does and that will help you write unique description about that game.

Regularly update your gaming website, add game and content which is unique, people will keep coming back for unique stuff.

Now after you have dozens of good flash games in your website its time to promote your website which will get you users.

Submit your website to several search engines eg.: google, yahoo, bing, excite, This will enable search engines to quickly index your website in their search, but note that adding sites to search engines dose not mean that you will rank on top of search engines for any keyword. Adding website to search engine will ensure your site get indexed, it is only your content, reach and traffic will make you rank higher.

After adding you site to search engines, add your site to various Local search listing sites, Various directories, if you can write good article publish regular articles in your website and article sites.

Now a days Social Media is also a good place to promote your site, create your social profile or pages in top social networking sites like facebook, twitter, linkedin, google+, or even create additional website pages in wordpress, blogger, delicious etc. and regularly keep it updated.

If you have some marketing budget subscribe for PPC in google adwords, or others.

Now after a month or two you may get a good visitor now time to actually go for placing ads and affiliates which will actually give you income, so you need to see your traffic and monetize it to generate revenue for your games website.

There are several sites which allows you to start quickly, register amazon affiliates, click bank affiliates, remember to choose your products carefully. You may also subscribe for Google Adsense and other publisher network, this will give you more revenue from your existing website.

Selling Advertising space will also give you good income you may sell advertising space on monthly basis or 3 months, 6 months, 1 year or permanent package. But remember do not place too many links you may loose some ranking due to this.

Mochi Media is also a good source of getting games and earning revenue, consider using mochi games, create your account in mochi media before you start downloading and publishing their games, this will ensure you will get credit of each game played in your games website.

This is not a short or quick way, to generate some revenue. Most of people leave it here and ends up doing nothing. You must keep patience and keep promoting your games website and keep adding new games which site is actually about. Keep your focus in adding new content. Remember content is king.