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WordPress website development

We design and develoop WordPress powered websites, which help you manage your website easily. Add / Edit / Remove pages, image, content at any time. We design beautiful layouts or can use existing layout or ready to use themes to make a perfect website for you.

E-Commerce website development

Create e-commerce websites powered by WordPress or Magento, enables you to sell your products or services online. Your business will stay 24×7 active from websites. Your customers can order at any time, you can manage inventory and sales online on the go.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to complete my website or web project?

In general if its a basic 4-5 pages website, it may take up to 5-7 working days (in regular), depending upon the final content and images if already shared by the client. If it needs some customization or an e-commerce project which require more research and plugin development or a custom web project, it may take a longer time to build.

We take requirements from the client first and quote to the client with the estimated time frame to finish the project.

How much do you charge to design a standard or professional website?

We take requirements from client and than quote the budget for website or web projects.
For an example in market entry level designer or beginners would charge about $ 150-250 USD / Rs. 5000-6000 INR, a good website my be built by an experienced professional in a budget of about $250 – $400 USD / Rs. 8000 to Rs. 15000 or more. Wemaster level highly skilled and professional designer may charge $1000 – $3000 USD / Rs. 20000-80000 Depending upon requirements the budget could go higher, there is no limit to design, it is creativity. The more the designer get involved and in depth with features and functions form a website or other web project, the cost will go up.

Can you build e-commerce website?

Yes, we are professional designer and developers we not only build the basic or personal website but we do commercial projects as well. We can develop e-commerce (online shopping cart) websites. We can build the website using WordPress or Magento. We can use any ready to use theme, plugin or can develop one from scratch. VertiDesk is a team of designer and core developers. We not only design and develop but can do SEO and other web stuff required to successfully run a project.Request a free Quote for your e-commerce project from us.

How much do you charge to build an e-commerce website?

We quote to clients after taking some requirements, if we say about pricing, it could be as cheap as designing a standard site to a high-end big sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Ebay, etc. who spends millions in just upkeep and promotion and marketing.
Budget depends on what you expect to sell, 1 product, multiple products, payment gateway, custom photography, SSL, custom design or ready to use templates/ themes, hosting shared or dedicated server, marketing plan and alike.

Ask a free quote for your project today from VertiDesk.

My business isn't in your city or country, can you still build my website?

Yes, we can design and develop a website or other custom web projects for you. We have clients across the globe. Today technology has made communication so good that we can talk and discuss projects with the client over an email, phone, chat, video calls, remote access or screen share. See our work portfolioRequest us a quote or contact us.

I already have a website, can you redesign it?

Yes, we can redesign a website. Before proceeding we need to look in your current website, its back-end. We need to know if it is CMS based or custom developed platform and details about what you need to be designed. Either just front end or back-end as well. You can contact us with initial details or request a quote for website re designing.

Can I make changes in my website like editing content, images or add new page myself ?

Yes, we usually build websites powered by WordPress and use industry’s top standard builders as a back-end engine. Which allows us to make a beautiful website with the admin panel to manage it. One we complete a project, we give enough knowledge to our clients to Edit the text contents, images of the website, if the client is little more tech savvy, they can easily  do more than add or remove any pages that too without coding.

Will I get free email for my domain with a web hosting?

Yes, if you are buying the domain and/or hosting with us, you can create email IDs. Even in our shared hosting or bundled hosting with website design, you will get email IDs.We can also provide Google Workspace service for your domain, you can buy Google services here or can order through from usIf you do not know how to create email IDs, we can help you out.Read aknowledge base about using free email service.

Do you outsource work?

Normally we do not outsource our work, we have in-house experienced team. The team of designers and developers who are specialized and capable of doing things faster, effeciently and professionally. Once a while if there are projects going beyond time or new urgent project came up or we require some assistance in some way, than Yes, we do have regular freelancers aligned with us. We interviewed them personally about their experience and capabilities and align them with our team.

We have a low budget, do you offer ready to use templates?

Yes, we do offer ready to use templates, but we recommend the custom layouts, since using Demo / Ready to use layout may result in duplicate or copyright issues. We always encourage our clients to produce quality unique content and image about their work. This will help grow in search as well as website cosmetics looks better with quality imagery or artwork.

I cannot click pictures or cannot provide images, do you provide images for my website?

Yes, in local market we have tie-ups with professional photographers.

There are numerous website who sell or provide free /paid professional stock photos images / graphics, you can buy images from those stock photos or download free photos.

With website design projects and as per client budget we use such free services to take photos from there. All images we download take time and efforts.

Even if you are ready to buy an Image we recommend to discuss with us before you do so. We do not want our client in ending up buying wrong image with size not usable at all

I'm getting site designed at lesser cost elsewhere, why should I get it designed from you at higher cost?

Designing is a creative industry and has no limits of design. One designer may charge 100 bucks other may charge 500 bucks for similar work. It is purely upon quality and deliverable of the work which separates low cost designers with marginally high rate designers.

A pro designer can finish job quickly and as per expectation, and may also support with webmaster level technical issues but  on the other hand with beginners / freshers / low cost designers sometimes they may take more time and may not give what you might be expecting.

Experienced designers or design agencies may charge you for the services you actually needed, you will definitely get what you pay for.

What type of payment forms do you accept?

Presently we accept:

Direct Bank transfers, NEFT etc.
We can provide USA/Canada/Australia based Local bank details for the transfer.
We can accept cheque or DD payments from our local clients. (subject to realization)
Cards are also acceptable via Payment Gateway in our website or shared via invoice or in mail.
We also accept Paypal.

We can discuss the payment mode during the discussion and mention details in the quote.

What are your payment terms?

To start any web project we ask 50% initial deposit and remaining at the time of competition.

Payments for SEO, SEM, PPC and SMS (text messaging) credits charges for bulk sms, Domains and Hosting servcies and similar resources are always 100% advance.

For a big projects where more dedicated human resource and time is required, we discuss terms with clients as salaries and overhead expenses goes up. We can even setup special team for the said project.

Are there any hidden cost?

No, there are no hidden charges.

If any charges to be added like: Taxes, payment gateway transaction charges that will be notified prior to starting the project in our Quote.

Will I own the finished product / project?

Yes, usually we hand over all the files or the required credentials, licenses if any bought specifically for your project. Most of the time we mention it in our quote, depending upon the project, cost etc. ownership can be given in some cases, like in general “websites” “a custom application”.

Will I get refund if I do not want to continue?

We offer 100% refund for paid web hosting within 30 days.

Some domain TLDs give few days or hour refund time, we can do that, as we are the service provider and doing registration on your behalf.

We do not offer refund for the services we worked for, but we do not keep 100% either if you do not continue or not liked our work in initial stages, which we are sure may not happen: like Initial deposit is never refunded, some clients pay us 100% advance for work and later they do not continue work as they dropped idea of that, we can refund 50% to 80% or 100% if we got notified during early stage of design or development.

We are here to talk and discuss in depth about your requirements and always open to suggestions. Feel free to contact us at any time, we usually reply within 24 working hours.

What is next step after getting quote?

Once the initial discussion is done we mention required things in our Quote.

Once you got our Quote and you are ready to accept and start your project with us, we first seek: confirmation for the acceptance along with the initial deposit, Initial Content, reference or actual images, reference sites if any.

We try to discuss things before the acceptance and mention it in our Quote.

Once you provide the necessary content to us to begin with, we will start working as per timeline and keep you posted for updates.

I forgot to mention pages or part of feature and paid for project. Can you modify ?

Yes, we are highly flexible and friendly.

If the requirement is nominal and genuine we may include it without extra charges.


You need 1 or 2 pages more based on previous layout, you forgot to mention earlier.
Modify the custom form, add a new row of info.
Modify contact us form with 1-2 row or column.

There may be extra charges involved if it gets to modifying the structure, modifying the base/source code / modifying database.

But you need not to worry, we will discuss and get you covered.

Plan of Success

  1.   Initial ContactClient contact us for their requirements.
  2. Discussion and
    We discuss further if required and send free quote for the project.
  3. Quote ApprovalClient approves the quote.
  4. ResearchWe do a research, gather required data including data shared by client.
  5. Wireframe /Layout
    We prepare a layout /plan/ structure for web project.
  6. ApprovalClient approves the plan/layout.
  7. Design &
    Once appoved, we begin design and development as planned.
  8. Beta StagingWe prepare beta testing environment for testing.
  9. Final CorrectionNecessary corrections and changes done as per findings & feedback from the client.
  10. LaunchProject goes live once project is tested and approved.