How Link Building Can Help increasing traffic to your website.

Most of the people think that they can get TOP 10 in Google for competitive terms within 1 or 2 months by building hundreds of links. But the link building is an ongoing process that sometimes may disappoint. This usually happens because of big expectations and desire to achieve great results immediately or within a few months.

Case Study: A customer “James” (assumed name) first ordered Link Building Package from SEO experts and he bought it with hope to increase his 200 visits per day and make it at least 500 visits per day. James calculated that such an increase in visitors will cover his expenses for the Link Building Package in a month, so James was really inspired with his idea and ready to get the link building campaign going as soon as possible. He targeted keyword phrases, which he thought will bring maximum amount of traffic (pretty competitive keywords, must say) and started link building.

In 2 months, when the campaign was finished, after analysis James turned back saying that he almost didn’t notice any improvement in traffic and was almost ready to give up. Insisted by seo expert that he should continue because his keywords are pretty competitive. SEO expert explained that most of the traffic increase is noticed only after a keyword appears in Top 10 of a search engine. James agreed with SEO expert and decided to purchase one more Link Building Package and targeted several not competitive keywords in addition.

After 2 more months he was very excited because not competitive keywords appeared on the 1st page, and a few competitive keywords got somewhere between 7th-10th position on Google. Moreover, he already started to get about 1000 visitors daily. He made a right decision and purchased the Complete SEO package (Exclusive) and in other 3 months he already started to receive half a million visitors to his site per month.

James was so exited with the results that he place his feedback and continued SEO services with SEO experts.

Did you know that 42.13% of visitors click on the #1 spot on Google search results?

Isn’t that staggering? 11.90% click on #2 and 8.5% on #3. This reduces in increments all the way down to only 2.85% clicking on #9. The difference can be as dramatic as having 1,000,000 clicks on #1 and only 147,800 on #9. A BIG difference. By getting to #1, you will increase your traffic & sales for that keyword for 1,478%!

But even jumping from #9 to #3 can TRIPLE your traffic & sales (298% increase).

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