Google Taking Steps to Discourage Fake News Sites

by | Apr 26, 2017 | SEO, News and Updates

We have seen many websites, blogs, article, news, magazine sites publishing Fake News. Most of the time this was done intentionally to capture the attention of visitors or search engines and earn revenue. Intentionally generating fake or misleading content is not ethical, and using the name of the high brand or valued person to gain value is purely a sign of misleading info.

There are some websites who create Fake News and clearly states that those are fake and just of fun.

Discourage Fake News

Some SEO enthusiasts also build duplicate content using article spinners or copy paste articles from other sites. This also creates tons of misleading data resulting in the end user to land on a website which actually doesn’t have any relevance to it.

Google has announced that it will fight against the Fake News and also against the website putting misleading content or harsh content.

Internal Name – Google OWL Project (not confirmed yet) is already in place now and taking care of such content. Google has covered various aspects in this project which could impact on search rankings.

Discourage Fake News and Harsh Content and Low-Quality Search Suggestions.

Direct Feedback Tools – when you perform search and see an auto-complete or suggested search terms, you can actually report or send feedback to google about the quality of the suggestions. These feedbacks will help improve the search algorithm and put the quality search suggestions in place of fake or harsh ones.

discourage fake news Google search Autocomplete update_1

Image Source: Google


Google Featured Snippet update_1_2

Image Source: Google

Search Engines Like Google has already evolved its search results, however still facing criticism of placing low quality and offensive search results for which Google is taking necessary steps every now and then.

So if you are an SEO expert or agency with less or no knowledge about search algorithm, you must then update your knowledge and start working with clients on genuine content – Content is still the King, It needs to be unique and focused to your website niche.

Read the full info on here at Google’s Official Blog.

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