Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

An art for getting searched and knowing your visitors

A website alone is not just enough, rank higher in search and get found by users across the world.

VertiDesk provides Search Engine Optimization for On Page and Off-Site SEO Services.

Search Engine Optimization

Get listed on top of various search engines when someone finds product or services related to yours. VertiDesk Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services offer on site and off site seo, using white hat seo techniques, we ensure genuine work, no fake hits, no fake clicks. So you get what you pays for. As an Search Engine Optimizer VertiDesk helps your website to achieve the maximum reach and searchable in various search engines around the world, and thus giving you enough traffic to sell your product or services.

Optimize your website for results

Top Search Engines, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. use crawlers to find pages for their algorithmic search results. There are several 100s of search engines giving free and paid search listings, but this only may guarantee inclusion into their database but do not guarantee listing on specific keyword or ranking.

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What we do for SEO?

VertiDesk offers SEO services as a part of marketing & promotional activity, making your website rank higher in search results for various keywords. As an Internet Marketing strategy, SEO considers how search engines work, what people search for, the actual search terms or keywords typed into search engines and which search engines are preferred by their target audience.

SEO constitutes Onsite and Offsite optimization strategies on how your keywords are related and positioned, optimizing a website may constitute editing its content, HTML or associated coding to increase its relevance to specific keywords. Inbound links are also generated pointing to your website through various means of promotional activities.

Other Marketing Campaigns may also be worked out to get more traffic and related keyword building.

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On Page Optimization

This task can be repeated after a certain time. This includes editing each product and category pages and write meta description and keyword tags for each, along with Product description refinement, Image alt and title tags and several other tasks performed on the pages of the website.

Off Page Optimization

This is the long term SEO task to get the rankings in the search engines. Task will run parallel to other. This includes quality link building, news releases, article writing for the website and/or for the related blog, Creating local listing, social presence & updates. This will help build your brand and reach.

Keyword Research

Research various traffic keywords


Website Audit

Check website for issues and fix

Social Built up

Build social profiles and brand promotion


Content Re-Writing

Re write content for better search

It’ll include the following stages to make changes in the website, Please Note that certain points need customization, hence developer inputs also required to do the changes which may attract additional development cost.

Improving Website Readability and Content

On-site optimization and internal linking structure / restructure – Optimize meta tags (eg.: meta title, meta keywords, meta description), Modifying Product Description as per given by the client or as suggested.

Keyword Research :- The work will start with the keyword research to target the local, long tail keywords in the first phase. The keywords will be having mid-level to high searches & competition to grab the rankings & traffic. Next stage will be focused on high searchable keywords.

Keyword and Competition Research :- Determine primary, secondary and tertiary keywords (eg – Now you can Buy Authentic Curtains Online in Melbourne Australia, buy curtains in Australia, Buy designer curtains, fancy curtains etc…).

All the pages will be having specific Meta Tags :- keywords, titles & descriptions. The HTML tags (i.e. alt tags, title tags, H1, H2, etc.) will be done as per the page keywords. All the pages will be optimized as per the Search Engines requirements.

Social Integration for easy sharing:- Website visitors can easily share content in their timeline including Face Book or Twitter (recommended for blog posts or eCommerce websites).

Review Writing:- We will act as a customer and write a useful review for certain products/services, reviews will be made live after approval only. We can write reviews in general basic language or professional reviews written by pro.

Creating robots.txt file for banning unwanted or spam bots and allowing clean bots.

Create site map for search engines so that they know how many pages website is having and increasing.

Website Performance Audit and Security Audit will also be conducted to ensure better performance and better user experience, Developer is thus required to do certain bug fixes and implementations as per findings / results of the audits, this will encourage search engines to keep visiting and error free websites are always given high preference in search results.

Adoption of new SEO techniques for better user experience in search results, Our task is not just limited to points mentioned here but may includes any new or other tasks in case we didn’t mentioned, subject to discussion and approval.

This is the most important task as it involves getting the ranks for the selected keywords & traffic for the website.

Build Brand and Generate More Traffic

Quality Link building through Directory submission or article submissions.

Link building through commenting in forums & blogs and / or (depreciated but still quality work can be done)

Article submission: Article will be submitted to related article or blog sites having some quality or ranking. We do not do mass submitting.

Blogs / Forum or Micro Site creation on new domains & Web 2.0 properties: (eg: blogger,, or self hosted Micro Site and other related) – blogs can carry specific articles pertaining to various categories of products, whereas Micro Site will be a 1-2 page minimal website focused on specific set of Products or category with unique content, pointing to related product or category in main website. (creation of such may attract some additional charges)

Socialization (create social pages in various top social networks (eg – facebook, twitter, linkedin, delicious, G +1 etc..)), if exists we will promote it in search engines through little submissions.

Analyse Google webmaster tools for errors, pages indexed, submit XML sitemap

Local Search Listings Business Listing in Map, Local Business

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