Blazing Blade Jump – Android Game App

Blazing Blade Jump Android Game App

Project Description

Blazing Blade Jump is an amazing adventure game for all age groups. Developed for most of the Android devices. It’s a fun-filled game, where the player has to move the blade to blastoff other items and collect coins, while not getting hit by spikes or bombs.

Blazing Blade Jump Android Game App

It is a single tap Jump Game, tap to jump, release to get down. Avoid spikes and bombs, collect coins and use coins to unlock more blades.
It has over 50 different endless levels and Multiple Characters, So play as long as you achieve No. 1 in the leaderboard.
Highscores are saved in Google Play Games app, Leaderboard.

Project Details

Project Date: 27/05/2017
Skills: Java, Android, Android Studio.
View Live, Install and Play from Google Play Store: Blazing Blade Jump – Android Game App

Blazing Blade Jump game

Project Feature

  • Nice Colors, No eye strains.
  • Simple and Amazing. no confusing controls, just use simple tap.
  • Need sharp eyes to avoid obstacles and collect coins.
  • 50 Different random levels and Endless play.
  • Multiple Characters

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