We are excited to announce that we have integrated Comodo SSL – one of world’s leading website security solutions, to our product suite. As a part of the launch process, we will stop supporting New Adds & Renewals of Thawte Certificates. Read on to know more about Comodo SSL Certificates and what happens to the existing Thawte Certificates under your account.


    • As a part of the launch process, we will stop supporting New Adds & Renewals of Thawte Certificates from. However, your existing Thawte Certificates will continue to remain unaffected until they are due for renewal.
    • When an existing Thawte certificate is due for renewal, users will be redirected to the Comodo product page on our website from where you can select a new Comodo Plan of your choice. After confirming the purchase, you will need to submit your website & organization details to Comodo to get their new certificates issued.
    • Partners / sub resellers using API will need to update their API calls, implementations & UI to show relevant messaging and call the new Comodo APIs for add & renew, as add/renews calls that are made to the Thawte APIs (i.e. /digitalcertificate/add & /digitalcertificate/renew) will fail. Please contact us for a demo instance to test your API.
  • You can continue to manage existing Thawte Certificates through our platform until they expire. This means that non-purchase actions like Enroll, Reissue, Suspend, etc will continue to work through both the Control Panel & the API until the certificate expires.
    • Please contact our Support in order to obtain a complete list of domains and the respective expiry dates for which Thawte Certificates have been provisioned under your account.
    • For sub-resellers/partners We strongly recommend that you set your selling preferences for Thawte SSL Certificates to ‘No New Orders’.
    • Thawte Certificates will continue to exist on your Control Panel and website under the ‘Digital Certificates’ tab until your existing orders expire. Comodo SSL Certificates will be visible on your Control Panel and website under the ‘SSL Certificates’ tab.


Comodo SSL Certificates are one of the fastest and most cost effective ways to protect the online identity of a business. Given the changing needs of the industry and the continual increase in the awareness levels as far as online security is concerned, Comodo can prove to be a low-cost entry point for you to reach out to your customers and offer them one of the most cutting edge security solutions that the industry has to offer.
Apart from being more affordable than most competitors, each Comodo certificate comes with advanced security and extensive browser compatibility, which makes it the perfect solution for small to medium size businesses looking for superior online security. Visit our hosting website for Plans and pricing for Comodo SSL certificates.
Secure Important pages or all Pages NOW, Buy Comodo SSL Certificates and give your users en extra layer of protection.!