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During the Pandemic and lock down of various states across countries. We are available and working remotely from home and helping the community by giving back what we can.

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As you are aware about the current circumstances arises due to several cases of corona virus, Central and Sate Governments have decided to implement a lock down in various districts/states across countries. Due to which we all are facing difficulties in day to day working of business and personal routines.

We have decided to work from home for all our team members, this will ensure their safety. We are now fully operational remotely after a short pause of last weekend. 


working from home We are available remotely

This may be the testing time for all of us as there may be some constraints in working from home culture. But to ensure the quality of our service and timely deliverable of the projects, we have granted flexible working hours to our team to ensure their state of mind set to be positive towards any project we have in hand or acquire new in coming days.

By doing this we can give adequate time to small kids, family members, stay fit by doing some yoga, dance, martial arts, exercise and also stay aware about the happening around. We are conducting remote sessions, conference to discuss the projects and will keep doing the same on daily basis. This will ensure that work is on the right track.


Continue Your Support

As you are aware of the current situation going on. As our client we seek your valuable support in continuing business with us. This will not only help us in paying our bills but also keeping ourselves busy in some work which will help is putting away the coronavirus trending effects on mind of anyone. We have advised our team to be safe at first priority and we are continuing our support to them as long as we can.

Here, your valuable support in terms of continued projects will help us achieving so. Not only us but soon once this pandemic is over, you will be ready with your online presence to take on the world.


Giving Back to the Community

We have decided to help the needy people whose web related projects are stuck due to this pandemic. Either it be simple website design, e-mail, web hosting, technical issues in operating your website, you wanted to implement some key features in your website. (HTML, CSS, WordPress, WooCommerce, Membership)  (e-mail G suite Configuration setup) or other web related, where you may need webmaster level support, we are here to help at Reduced cost or No cost at all (depending on the task).

If you need some minor support or consulting for your website or web business, we can help. Fill the quick contact form in Help and Support page in our website, with your query in detail and we will get back to you quickly as we can. (please do not share any password or critical information).

We will continue doing so until next notice or things get back to normal.


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